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Bespoke cabinetry 

Custom cabinetry can make all the difference, whether you've got a small space to work with or ample. 

Bathroom Design

Colours and materials



Options include two pac, vinyl wrap, laminate or timber. Make sure your choices are suited to your circumstances, for example, if you’ve got small children or you’re planning on renting out the property, you might be best off with vinyl wrap or laminate. Some people shy away from vinyl wrap, but these days they’re a pretty good option and come in a range of styles and profiles.


Again, carefully consider the style of the home and kitchen. You could choose pull handles, knobs, chrome, satin chrome, gloss, matte, coloured, white, black, nickel – the list goes on. There are a multitude of styles, colours, shapes and finishes available. There are even handles that are so discreet it looks like you don’t have handles.


clever inbuilt storage deep drawers, and pullout laundry baskets will maximise the use of your small 


Stone is a good option here and there are numerous styles available. You could go for a moderately priced white with flecks style to a plainer, but more expensive option, with a vein running through it. Don’t restrict yourself to a white benchtop though, other neutrals can work well. I advise against using laminate unless it’s an investment property or it’s a lower value build or renovation. Wooden benchtops are another possibility, but this may not be practical in the long run. If you like the warmth of a timber look, you can always add it through some feature shelving or other accents instead.


You can do a very general lighting plan, but keep in mind the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Putting two large or three smaller pendant lights over an island bench can really add a bit of pizazz, so don’t underestimate what lighting can do to set off the kitchen.

Jane Eyles-Bennett is one of Australia’s leading home renovation and interior design experts. She is an award-winning interior designer with more than 25 years’ experience designing the interiors and exteriors of homes; specialising in kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.

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