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Custom Cabinetry

If you can dream it, we can design it!

From modern to traditional styling, we offer custom cabinetry to maximise space, storage and useability in new homes or renovations in the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers & Brisbane.

  • kitchens

  • bathrooms

  • laundries

  • walk in robes

  • office & workspace

  • lounge & living room


Functionality - maximise your how your space functions.


Who - consider the primary users of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.


Personal Touches - make it a space you love!


Space - and how to use it best!

4 Factors To Consider
When Planning Your Custom Cabinetry 

1 – Space – The first thing you need to think about when designing any type of cabinets to fit an area is how to utilise all the space in the most effective way. What’s the best layout that suits the size of the room? What flows best with your home’s floorplan and foot traffic? Allowing enough space around appliances etc to make them easy to use and especially the space between an island bench is crucial. There is nothing worse then having to step to the side to open a drawer, or not being able to open a cupboard to unload dishwasher directly into while the dishwasher is open because the space just isn’t there,

2 – Functionality - You always want to make sure you are getting the most out of every cabinet and not just cramming as much in as possible for the sake of it. I am a firm believer in making sure that every cabinet, shelf or draw is easily accessible, and you are making the most of it and not losing things in the back corner of a cupboard.

3 – Who - will use the space have a huge impact on what finishes you use on your doors, handles and even bench tops. For example if you are a young family with kids, you might want to stay away from a matt white kitchen as it will show up grubby hand prints more easily, using a laminate over 2pac doors is more durable, also consider no sharp edges to any handles in case they bang their heads. Sometimes even a laminate top is better suited in case they are a bit heavy handed when putting items on the bench. So, it really comes down to what material is best suited to the situation. Or for those without young children,  

– the sky is the limit – design a luxe chef's kitchen with dual ovens, butlers pantry and stone/concrete/marble/granite benches.

4 – Personal touches – There’s no point in going to all that effort of getting a new kitchen or laundry etc without being able to put your own personal touch on it. Whether it be a splash of colour somewhere, a timber accent, the appliances or even a special type of handle. You want to make sure that it is unique and special to yourself or your family so you can enjoy the space for years to come.

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